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ATTENTION ALL ARTISTS!! It’s back, the annual EDUPRIZE SCHOOLS- Q.C. Yearbook Cover Contest.

DETAILS: You can find submission forms at the front desk of B1 . This is a school wide contest, not sponsored by the PTN.


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Quarter 1 was a success in the classrooms. Projects filled with smiles and creativity. If you haven’t already contacted a teacher for this unique and rewarding volunteer opportunity, don’t hesitate any longer. Students and teachers alike enjoy a good art session! You can email us at [email protected] for more info on scheduling.

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Bucket filler

This year’s phrase is “Be a Bucket Filler”. How will you be a bucket filler? How about volunteering to teach ART? Take a look at our lessons and contact your child’s teacher today to schedule your class. For more info, click on the opportunities on our volunteer page. Join the fun!!

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Welcome Back 2023

Welcome to 2023!! We hope that you have had a well rested winter break. A big thanks goes out to all the amazing parent volunteers from last quarter that taught art lessons in the classrooms. Your support is greatly appreciated and we know that the kids have really enjoyed the creative time. We are constantly working hard to offer new lessons and opportunities for our little artists so be sure to check back often for new posts.

Check out our gallery and see what other classrooms are doing!

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Art Opportunities!

Calling all artists!

Now is a great time to try your skills and creativity. EDUPRIZE Schools- Q.C. is calling on artists to create original works of art for some upcoming contests. Read below for more details and opportunities!

*Current posted contests are school wide, not affiliated with PTN sponsorship.

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Welcome 2022-23

We are very excited to introduce our new and improved sponsored art program here at EDUPRIZE Schools-Q.C.