1st Grade

Q1: Wavelength Arcade

Students develop an understanding of the effects of forces and waves, and how they can impact or be impacted by objects near and far away. They explore the relationships between sound and vibrating materials, as well as light and materials including the ability of sound and light to travel from place to place.

Concentric Circles (2 day project): View Lesson

Sound Waves: View Lesson

Q2: Plymouth Plantation

Students will understand how a community functions and how each member contributes to the community for the common good. Students will study their local community and learn about characteristics that define urban, suburban, and rural communities. Democratic principles and participation in government are introduced. Community resources, environment, change over time, and cause/effect are examined.

City Block Painting: View Lesson

American Gothic: View Lesson

Cityscape Reflection: View Lesson

Farmland Landscape: View Lesson

Q3: Resource Resort

Students develop an understanding that Earth materials are essential for an organism’s survival.

Valley Waterfall: View Lesson

Forest of Trees: View Lesson

Q4: Bird House

Students develop an understanding that Earth has supported, and continues to support, a large variety of organisms. These organisms can be distinguished by their physical characteristics, life cycles, and their different resource needs for survival. Different types of organisms live where there are different Earth resources such as food, air and water.

Audubon Birds: View Lesson

Paper Nests: View Lesson

Sunset Silhouette: View Lesson

Collage Critter: View Lesson

Earth’s Resources: View Lesson