2nd Grade

Q1: Sweet Shop

Students develop an understanding of observable properties of matter and how changes in energy (heating or cooling) can affect matter or materials.

Bubble Painting: View Lesson

Skittle Garden: View Lesson

Fizzy Art: View Lesson

Q2: Global Exchange

Students will learn how their world is interconnected globally. Students will develop a spatial understanding of the world around them, so they can understand how other cultures and civilizations are interconnected and have influenced who we are as a community, state and nation.

Drawing a Community: View Lesson

Landforms: View Lesson

Aboriginal Art: View Lesson

Mexican Amate Painting: View Lesson

Savanna Sunset: View Lesson

Q3: Weather Station

Students develop an understanding of the distribution and role of water and wind in weather, shaping the land, and where organisms live. Wind and water can also change environments, and students learn humans and other organisms can change environments too. Students develop an understanding of changing patterns in the sky including the position of the Sun, Moon and stars, and the apparent shape of the Moon.

John Constable- Clouds: View Lesson

Hokusai- Waves: View Lesson

Jim Reed-Extreme Weather: View Lesson

Rainstorm Salt Painting: View Lesson

Moon Glow: View Lesson

Q4: Dino Dig

Students develop an understanding that life on Earth depends on energy from the Sun or energy from other organisms to survive.

Durer Dino Print: View Lesson

Heinrich Harder: View Lesson

Chocolat d’Aiguebelle Cards: View Lesson