4th Grade

Q1: Energy Lab

Students will learn how Earth’s resources can be transformed in energy and develop a better understanding of electricity and magnetism.

Texture Wind Turbines: View Lesson

Hokusai Waves: View Lesson

Magnetic Painting: View Lesson

Water Cycle: View Lesson

Q2: Reptile Ranch

Students develop an understanding of the diversity of past and present organisms, factors impacting organism diversity, and evidence of change of organisms over time.

Turtle Painting: View Lesson

Snake Colored Pencil Drawing: View Lesson

Dinosaur Collage: View Lesson

Turtle Collage: View Lesson

Paper Plate Snake: View Lesson

Q3: Grand Canyon Marketplace

Students develop an understanding of the different earth systems and how they interact with each other. They understand how geological systems change and shape Earth and the evidence that is used to understand these changes. They also understand how weather, climate, and human interactions can impact the environment.

Earth’s Spheres: View Lesson

Biosphere Landscape-Peter Doig: View Lesson

Hydrosphere Jellyfish: View Lesson

Q4: Exploration Station

Students will study the Americas (North, Central, and South America along with the Caribbean Islands) including the following theories and development of first peopling of Americas, American Indian life, European exploration and colonization, role and responsibilities of members in a society.

Diego Rivera (Cubism): View Lesson

Navajo Rug: View Lesson

Caribbean Color: View Lesson

South American Agamograph: View Lesson