5th Grade

Q1: Physics Foundry

Students develop an understanding that changes can occur to matter/objects on Earth or in space, but both energy and matter follow the pattern of being conserved during those changes.

Use of Force: View Lesson

Structure of an Atom: View Lesson

Kinetic Energy: View Lesson

Q2: Gene Machine

Students develop an understanding of patterns and how genetic information is passed from generation to generation and how genetic information and environmental feature impact the survival of an organism.

Fingerprint Art: View Lesson

DNA Genetic Data Sequence: View Lesson

Colorful DNA Molecules: View Lesson

DNA Sequence Bracelets: View Lesson

Q3: Planetarium

Students develop an understanding of how the gravitational forces in space cause observable patterns due to the position of Earth, Sun, Moon and stars.

Starry Night: View Lesson

Saturn’s Rings: View Lesson

Alaskan Aurora: View Lesson

Q4: American Dream

Students understand the history of the United States including: Historic and economic events from American Revolution to Industrialism, creation of U.S. Constitution, development of government, influence of immigration, contributions of various ethnic groups roles and responsibilities as citizens.

Betsy Ross (flag): View Lesson

Kurt Schwitters (collage): View Lesson

Willem de Kooning (abstract art): View Lesson