3rd Grade

Q1: Illumination Station

Students develop an understanding of the sources, properties and characteristics of energy along with the relationship between energy transfer and the human body.

Self Portrait: View Lesson

Contrasting Lines: View Lesson

Moon and Sun: View Lesson

Q2: Plant Nursery

Students develop an understanding of the flow of energy in a system beginning with the Sun to and among organisms. They also understand that plants and animals (including humans) have specialized internal and external structures and can respond to stimuli to increase survival.

Maple Leaf Art: View Lesson

The Tiny Seed (2 day project): View Lesson

Cyanotype Solar Drawing: View Lesson

Q3: Desert Lab

Students develop an understanding of how the Sun provides light and energy for Earth systems.

Desert Landscape-Ed Mell: View Lesson

Cactus Flower- Georgia O’Keefe: View Lesson

Stencil Landscape- Sushe Felix: View Lesson

Q4: Arizona Highways

Students will study Arizona within an integrated approach considering the following: The contributions of various cultural/ethnic groups including the 22 Indian Nations that reside in Arizona; Economic, political, and geographic elements; Structure of the state/local governments; Roles and responsibilities as citizens of Arizona.

Native American Pottery: View Lesson

Arizona Collage: View Lesson

Desert Sunset: View Lesson