Q1: All About Me

Students explore how their senses can detect light, sound, and vibration and how technology can be used to extend their senses.

Self Portrait-Frida Kahlo: View Lesson

Sun Catcher: View Lesson

Sound Waves: View Lesson

Fireflies: View Lesson

Q2: Celebrations

Students will understand their roles and responsibilities as citizens within their own context. Students will also learn about their own culture and how it impacts understanding of oneself and others as well as be introduced to aspects of our National culture.

Winter Houses: View Lesson

Snowman Perspective Art: View Lesson

Fall Leaves: View Lesson

Q3: Habitats

Students develop an understanding of patterns to understand changes in local weather, seasonal cycles, and daylight.

Rainy Day: View Lesson

Andy Goldsworthy (Grasslands): View Lesson

Henri Rousseau (Jungle): View Lesson

Jerry Jacka (Desert): View Lesson

Wyland (Ocean): View Lesson

Q4: Life Cycles

Students develop an understanding that the world is composed of living and non-living things. They investigate the relationship between structure and function in living things; plants and animals use specialized parts to help them meet their needs and survive.

Van Gogh (Flowers): View Lesson

Eric Carle (Butterfly): View Lesson

Gina Mikel (Frog): View Lesson

Linda Mears (Chicken): View Lesson

Grandma Moses (Seasons): View Lesson

Birch Trees: View Lesson