6th Grade

Q1: Atomic Avenue

Students develop an understanding of forces and energy and how energy can transfer from one object to another or be converted from one form to another. They also develop an understanding of the nature of matter.

Kinetic Mobiles: View Lesson

Electric Prisms: View Lesson

Marble Art: View Lesson

Q2: Rainforest

Students develop an understanding of how energy from the Sun is transferred through ecosystems.

Layers of the Rainforest: View Lesson

Iguana and Chameleon: View Lesson

Rainforest Animals: View Lesson

Poison Dart/Tree Frogs: View Lesson

Q3: Observatory

Students develop an understanding of the scale and properties of objects in the solar system and how forces (gravity) and energy cause observable patterns in the Sun-Earth-Moon system.

Moon Reflections: View Lesson

Exploring Light: View Lesson

Stamped Planets: View Lesson

Q4: Imperial Highway

Students will understand the cultural, religious, economic and political systems of selected societies in the Eastern Hemisphere. Regions in the Eastern Hemisphere include the Middle East and North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Asia (east, south and southeast), and Oceana.

Pagoda Landscape: View Lesson

African Tribal Mask: View Lesson

Mandala Art: View Lesson

Aboriginal Dot Art: View Lesson

Fibonacci Sequence: Coming Soon